FCBC Battery Charger

The POWER+ Battery Charger offers battery/load with quiet, reliable, and customizable DC power. The Battery Charger produces DC with a single/three phase AC supply as the only input source. Any spikes, surges, or dips in the load are isolated. When the charger is re-energized, it has a fully automatic electronic SCR controlled soft start feature to reduce inrush current to the battery.

Product Specifications

  • AC input voltage
    As specified by customer with ± 10% tolerance (1 ph or 3 ph 3 wire / 4 wire, 50Hz ± 5%)
  • DC output voltage
    12 V/24 V/48 V/110 V/220 V/as per customer requirement
  • Current limit
    105% continuous of rated load, digitally controlled
  • Ripple content
    < 2% rms (standard), 1% optional
  • Charger efficiency
    > 85% for Three Phase input > 75% for Single Phase input
  • Protections
    Battery U/V & O/V | Battery over charge & over load | Short circuit Bridge protection fast acting fuses | Surge suppresser | AC & DC circuit protections | Filter capacitor fuse | Battery input fuses

Best Suited for

Telecom and Infocom Power Supply
Power Generating Plants
Railway Utilities
Process Industries
Switchgear Protection
Substation Batteries
DG Set Batteries
Battery-Operated Material Handling Equipments

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