Thyristor based CVCC Charger

The Battery Charger delivers DC power to the battery/load in a quiet, reliable, and adaptable manner. The Battery Charger only accepts Single/Three Phase AC as an input source and produces DC output. Any spikes, surges, or dips in the load are mitigated. Phase Controlled Rectifiers (PCR) are chargers that use SCR. Its primary function is to convert AC into regulated DC. The Phase Controlled Rectifier's primary premise is to regulate when SCRs can conduct throughout each AC cycle.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity
    110 – 155V/ 100A | 110 – 155V/ 200A | 110 – 155V/ 300A | 110 – 155V/ 500A
  • Type of Battery charger
    Constant Voltage/current with current limiting.
  • Input voltage
    Nominal Voltage 415 VAC Operating Voltage Range 380 – 480 VAC, 50 Hz
  • DC output voltage
    110- 155 V DC
  • Output Current
    0-100A | 0-200A | 0-300A | 0-500A
  • Protections
    • Over Voltage
    • Current Limit
    • Short circuit
    • Ac Input Fuse
    • Bridge protection fast acting fuses
    • AC Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Efficiency
    At full load 93% At half load 85%

Best Suited for

Telecom and Infocom Power Supply
Power Generating Plants
Railway Utilities
Process Industries
Switchgear Protection
Substation Batteries
DG Set Batteries
Battery-Operated Material Handling Equipments

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