EV Charger for Tricycle

The SMPS Battery Charger (CVCC type) is an electronic power supply with a switching regulator for efficient power conversion. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology, which is dependable, efficient, noiseless, and small, is used in SMPS switching at a very high frequency of several KHz. The device has a high efficiency of more than 75%. The input voltage is applied to the transformer primary, which uses opto-isolators to switch at a high frequency. The transformer's output is rectified using appropriate rectifier diodes.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity
    24 V / 5 Amp (SMPS based)
  • Nominal Voltage
    230V AC, 1-Ph, 50Hz
  • Operating Voltage Range
    140 to 275 V AC, 1-Ph, 50 Hz & charger shall be able to sustain continuous variation in Input Voltage from 140 V to 275 V AC
  • Frequency
  • Efficiency
  • Purpose
    Suitable for charging of 24V 50 AH SMF Batteries (12V 50 AH SMF Batteries - 2 Nos. of Batteries connected in series)
  • Charging Voltage
    28±0.5 V DC
  • Output Current
    5.0 Amp DC (Max)
  • Operating Ambient Temperature range
    -10 to 55°C Duration min 6 Hrs. as per following standards: (i) IS:9000 (Part II)-1977 (reaffirmed on 2016) (ii) IS:9000(Part-III)-1977 (reaffirmed on 2016)
  • Mechanical Shock & Vibration Test
    Upto 2G. as per following standard (I )IS:9000 (Part VIII)-1981 (ii) IS:9000(Part 7/Secl): 2006

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