PP 11 SERIES (1-10 KVA)

Product Specifications

  • Capacity
    1KVA | 2KVA | 3KVA | 5KVA | 6 KVA | 7.5 KVA | 10KVA
  • General
    • UPSs are free from workmanship defects, sharp edges, nicks, scratches, burs etc. All fasteners fixed properly. The equipment shall be complete with all parts and all parts shall be functional.
    • UPS enclosure’s degree of protection shall be IP2L1 as per appendix C of IS 13947 (part 1)/1993 (reaffirmed 2004)
    • Provision of manual By-pass facility for maintenance of UPS
    • UPS shall supply output power and charging current at the same time.
  • Technology and Capability
    True Online Double conversion DSP controlled UPS with advanced IGBT /PWM technology at both rectifier and inverter.
  • Switching Device
  • Switching Frequency
    > 10 KHz
  • Input Voltage
    140 V – 290V, 50 ± 3% Hz, Single phase AC (or any Voltage range as per requirement)

Best Suited for

Local Area Network
Data Centers & Offices
Work Stations
Medical Equipment
Air Traffic Control Systems
Satellite Systems
Industrial Equipment & Automation
General Laboratory Equipment
Studio printing & media equipment
Telecommunication Systems

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