Online UPS

Uninterrupted Pure Sine Wave Power

This on-line UPS efficiently delivers pure sine wave for high level power protection for sensitive servers and network equipment. The constant online operation is like a shied for sensitive equipment against power problems on the AC line.

Powerful Features

  • Static bypass switch
  • Reliable double conversation technology
  • Less harmonic distortion
  • EPROM/Micro controller design
  • High crest factor
  • Constant voltage and frequency
  • Reliable battery
  • Float cum boost charger
  • IGBT based high frequency PWM Inverter
  • Soft start facility
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Clean computer grade power to critical load
  • Continuous protection from spike, surges, RFI, EMI
  • Generator compatible

Reliable Double Conversion Technology

Clean computer grade power to critical load, protected against all power failures

High frequency PWM inverter using IGBT

High efficiency, low noise, faster response


Best Suited for

Local Area Network
Data Centers & Offices
Work Stations
Medical Equipment
Air Traffic Control Systems
Satellite Systems
Industrial Equipment & Automation
General Laboratory Equipment
Studio printing & media equipment
Telecommunication Systems

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