Solar on-grid/off-grid Power Plant

Solar PV systems that are connected to the grid feed solar energy directly into building loads, eliminating the need for battery storage. If there is any surplus energy, it is exported to the Discoms Grid, and if there is any deficiency, it is imported from the Grid. Only Grid-Connected Rooftop Solar PV Systems are covered under these requirements.

Product Specifications

  • Special Features
    • Solar Photo Voltaic Modules (which are connected to an inverter).
    • Module Mounting Structures
    • Inverters (which convert direct-current (DC) electricity in the system to alternating current (AC) electricity) (AC)
    • Batteries (optional) to provide energy storage or backup power in the event of a grid outage or disruption
    • Grid Connect Arrangements (Net Energy Meter)
    • Cables and Connectors
    • Lightning Protection and other protection devices
    • Earthing
    • Monitoring Systems
  • Requirements for installation of SPV Plant on rooftop:
    • For 1 kWp SPV system, a minimum vacant roof space of 10-12 sq mtr (100-120 sq ft) is required.
    • The Consumer shall have 3 Phase/ 1 Phase supply service connection.
    • To install an SPV System in accordance with the requirements, mandatory safety precautions/features must be implemented.
    • For energy export and import, a single bi-directional metre must be placed.
    • The standard equipments as per the norms of MNRE shall only be installed.
  • Reasons to Adopt
    • Reduce your electricity bills
    • Earn money by generating electricity; surplus power is sold to the grid.
    • Reduction in electricity bill as the bill is prepared after adjusting import and export of power.
    • The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of India offers a 30% subsidy on the installation of rooftop solar power plants in the private sector and non-profit organisations.
    • Reduction in payback period after availing Generation Based Incentive (GBI).
    • Contribute to the environment by reducing harmful emissions
    • Natural cooling of the top floor
    • Solar energy is pure, silent, infinite, and unrestricted.
    • The photovoltaic process produces no CO, SO, or NO emissions, which are generally linked with the combustion of finite fossil fuels.

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