Solar Tree

The Tree generating Renewable Energy and Electricity can generate approximately 800 kilowatts of power per day and can give electricity at any time of day or night. The Solar Tree can be used to change people's minds about renewable energy sources. People can get free electricity to charge their mobile and portable laptop devices in sites where free wireless internet is available. Several interactive data panels can provide information such as key city areas, phone numbers, institutions, and addresses that can be viewed by anybody.

Product Specifications

  • Reasons to Adopt
    • Eliminates the weight restrictions of rooftop solar panel installation
    • Minimum Ground Coverage compared to Rooftop Solar
    • Sit down EV charging and Gadget charging with parking facility
    • Great user experience for staff, visitors and guests
    • Single and multiple branches available with a variety of color options
  • Regions To Set Up Solar Tree
    • Urban and rural areas
    • Parks, gardens
    • On airports, coastlines
    • On Highways
    • In Deserts
    • New housing estates
    • De-forested areas

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